When you shop with GoSend, you will save in so many ways! 

When you become a GoSend member, you will get a U.S. address located in the state of Delaware. With your Delaware address, you will be exempt from paying U.S. sales tax. With only 5 states being exempt from U.S. sales tax, we offer a benefit that our competitors cannot match. 

As a GoSend member, you will also get exclusive deals from top U.S. retailers through our GoShop program. Sign up for our weekly newsletter on your Profile Page to receive updates on fantastic deals. American retailers have more sales and deals than any other retailers in the world. The best part about shipping with GoSend is accessing our amazing bulk shipping discounts of up to 80% off when we ship everything you’ve ordered. 

To truly save the most on shipping, it is recommended that you consolidate packages from multiple retailers. Shipping just one box instead of five is like getting four free. Use our GoSend shipping calculator if you’d like an estimate for your international shipping charge.