The first payment will be for ordering your products. This is either paid at the retailer’s checkout or via your GoSend account if you decide to use our ShopAssist service. This fee will include the cost of your products plus any additional domestic shipping cost (the postage fee added by U.S. retailers to cover the cost of getting your products from their warehouse to our GoSend warehouse). 

The second payment will be for your international shipping. This fee is paid when you release your GoSend Locker and choose a shipping carrier. International shipping fees vary widely depending on where your products are being shipped to, as well as the size and weight of the products. To estimate the cost of your shipment before you place an order, you can use GoSend's Shipping Calculator. For Shipping Calculator FAQs, please click here.

The final payment of any import duty and tax charges may or may not apply to your order. This fee is mainly affected by the value of your items, and in some cases, the product category. If you owe any additional import fees, you will be contacted by your local Customs office once your parcel reaches your country. If these fees are not paid within a certain window of time, your parcel may be shipped back to your GoSend Locker. For more information about the import duty, tax and VAT charges, click here.