1. Sign in to your GoSend account, and select "Address Management" from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner. 

2. In the Manage Your Address section, you will find the customer address you entered during the signup process. If any of your information needs to be changed or updated, you may proceed to editing your address information. If you would like to add a different address for the billing or shipping address, you may do so by entering ‘add new address’

3. If you choose to edit your shipping address you will have the option to change selected address type as either being your shipping address, your billing address, or both. You may also select if your address is a residential or business address. You are able to change, update, or delete any part of your address. If your address is for a business, you may add in the VAT/TAX number underneath the address. 

4. Finally, please mark whether or not GoSend should use the address as the default shipping address, the default billing address, or both.

5. If you’d like to ship to a friend, but don’t want to set your friend’s address as your default shipping address, you may also enter a new shipping address during the Release Locker process to send that one shipment to a different location.