Any items shipped to your GoSend U.S. address are stored in your GoSend Locker. Your locker is identified by the unit number in your US address, so each shopper has his or her own GoSend locker.

You can view the products that have been added to your GoSend locker by selecting the GoSend Locker tab. View more details on the product such as the product dimensions and the unit price by clicking the product name. 

A La Carte members can store items in their locker for up to 7 days. Savvy Shoppers can store items in their locker for up to 30 days. Shopaholic members can store items in their locker for an unlimited time.  After the free storage time has ended for A La Carte members and Savvy Shoppers, a $1 per day charge will go into effect for any products remaining in your GoSend Locker. 

When you’re ready to have your items shipped to your international location, you may proceed to release your locker. Select the products that you’d like to ship and choose “Release.” Choose your shipping address or enter a new one and your shipping rate options will be calculated based on the shipping destination as well as the size and weight of the products in your GoSend Locker. Select one of the shipping options offered and your default payment method will be charged after you review and submit your order.