Members who have a paid membership enjoy the benefit of GoSend's package consolidation options. Your GoSend Locker is your storage space in the States where you can gather products from multiple retailers and then ship them all together in one convenient shipment. GoSend uses a smart packaging tool to calculate the most efficient way to pack your items into one box. 

Consolidating your packages saves you money because instead of paying for multiple international packages, you will only pay for one. Consolidating 5 packages is like getting free shipping on 4 of them. This, coupled with GoSend's discounted bulk shipping rates, can save you up to 80% on your international shipping fees.

A La Carte members cannot combine products from multiple inbound packages into one consolidated shipment for free. If you’d like to opt-in to for the package consolidation service, a handling fee will be applied in addition to your shipping charges. Otherwise, your packages will have to be shipped individually which will result in higher combined shipping fees if you plan on shipping multiple packages.