Absolutely! Returning items before we ship them out to you will save you a ton of money and hassle, rather than trying to return items that have already been shipped internationally. First, look up the retailer's return policy to make sure you'll be able to return your product(s).

Next, contact us at Support@GoSend.com and let us know that you are going to return the items in your locker. If you placed the order yourself (rather than using our ShopAssist service), you may need to provide a return label depending on the retailer. For example, all Amazon orders require that you submit a return request and then you may access a pdf containing a return label. 

GoSend charges a return fee for re-packaging and returning products which are in your GoSend Locker. This return fee is applied per package in addition to any additional postage fee (if the retailer does not offer free returns). Because we have taken the time to admit the package, take photos, update information about the order, submit a return order to the retailer, and repack the items for return, this fee will cover the time to process a return for the customer.

  • For A La Carte members, this is a $10 per box fee plus any additional postage cost (if applicable). 

  • For Savvy Shopper members, this is a $5 per box return fee plus any additional postage cost (if applicable). 

  • Shopaholics may send free returns unless there is an additional postage fee to cover.